FLAMQA Mystica

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FLAMQA Mystica is a natural, soy-based scented candle that will fill your home with a deep, mysterious aroma. The candle is made with a blend of essential oils that include pink peppercorn, geranium, and vanilla.

The heart of the Mystica scented candle is pink pepper, slightly sharp and prickly, combined with geranium, green, strong, hypnotizing. These notes give our candle an ambiguous character. Although it seems sweet and delicate, after a while, it still surprises with its versatility.


Mystica - rapeseed candle in a jar

  • Burn time: 45 hours
  • Net capacity: 180ml
  • Box content: FLAMQA Mystica rapeseed candle and long matches


Natural Home Scents from Flamqa

As a scented candle producer, we pay special attention to providing you with safe and eco-friendly products. Our natural scented candles are made with locally produced rapeseed wax. You won't find any unnecessary additives, artificial flavors, or dyes in them. Only the best of nature, good for you and the environment