FLAMQA Alluria

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Alluria: A Unique Candle with a Mysterious Scent

Alluria is a unique candle with a scent of sandalwood, tonka bean, tobacco, and a few other ingredients that make it impossible to remain indifferent to its smell. Check out what else our natural scented candle in a jar hides within.

Top Notes of Alluria

The opening aroma of this scented candle is dark honey with citrus notes. However, this is not a banal combination in the style of an afternoon, winter tea. Soon after lighting it, you will feel how interesting and deep the scent of Alluria is.

Alluria - Heart Notes

Alluria is a candle in which the heart resonates with the chords of sandalwood, which is a sweet, balsamic wood with an exotic character. It is also a candle with the scent of tobacco. This combination gives it a mysterious charm.

Alluria - Base Notes

What else does this candle hide? Patchouli and tonka bean are the aromas that create its base. A candle with the scent of tonka bean delights with a combination of sweet, spicy aromas, and the addition of patchouli gives it depth and sensuality. You will feel these scents only after a while after lighting the candle and they will stay with you for a long time after it is extinguished.


Alluria- rapeseed candle in a jar

  • Burn time: 45 hours
  • Net capacity: 180ml
  • Box content: FLAMQA  rapeseed candle and long matches


Natural Home Scents from Flamqa

As a scented candle producer, we pay special attention to providing you with safe and eco-friendly products. Our natural scented candles are made with locally produced rapeseed wax. You won't find any unnecessary additives, artificial flavors, or dyes in them. Only the best of nature, good for you and the environment